About Us

Being fanatical travellers ourselves with unmet needs, we started 2 years ago to create our own visual trip planning tool to fulfil our own personal needs and primarily for our own personal use. Along the way, thousands of real travellers around the world found their own way to pebblar and joined us on this journey by successfully using pebblar for their own trips.
In October 2017, we decided to make a giant leap forward with an initial seed funding round to take pebblar to the next level.
We are guided by the notion that trip planning is an integral part of leisure travel and most DIY travellers enjoy the discovery process that precedes the trip. We are here not to automate this process, but to simply make it easier and more efficient - so you can get to the fun stuff quicker and spend less time mucking around with spreadsheets and word documents.
The founding team at pebblar are Nan Zhou, John Lee and Andrew Chou.
You can follow our story here