Your DIY trip planning workspace

Put down your pen; ditch your spreadsheet.

pebblar on devices

AR-enabled app to be released in 2H 2018

Available both on desktop and iOS devices

Integrating Notes with Map

By combining the key elements of spreadsheet/word doc and Google map, pebblar trip planning app is the world's first map-based DIY travel notepad.

Available on All Your Devices

Available on your devices: computer, iPhone and iPad. You can now jot down and edit your travel notes (with photos) and trip itineraries wherever you are.

Real-time Group Planning

Planning trip with friends is now finally easy. Everyone can save ideas and add notes at the same time, meaning everyone will always been updated and on the same page (literally!)

Sharing With Friends Made Easy

A live map of ideas and travel notes seamless shared across a number of popular communication media including email and Whatsapp.



"Throughout my day, I am constantly fantasizing about travel in my head. Whether for an upcoming or far-future trip, I use Pebblar to keep track of the cities I want to visit, sites I want to see, restaurants I want to try; and to plan the possible path between locations. Pebblar is amazing for helping me organize my ideas in easy, virtual form."  - Chloe Skye

"The Google Maps integration is excellent and we can easily print off a whole itinerary before we leave, or use the app when we get there to help us get around and have a smooth journey. I would recommend Pebblar to anyone planning an upcoming trip." - Rufus Holmes

"What I like best about pebblar is how it makes much of the trip planning easier with a very functional interface. Pebblar also allows me to save trip documents, like e-tickets."  - Victor Marcos