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Map out your routes, collect your ideas and generate a beautiful itinerary instantly.

Leverage the power of Google Maps with our intuitive and visual Map-pad. See where everything is while you plan and work out the best routes for your epic journey including the best way to get from point A to B.

Collect your trip ideas and allocate them visually. Record any notes, reservation details and have Google Places auto-populate your itinerary with address, phone number and opening hours.

(3) Itinerary, done!

(1) Map out your journey

Ditch that Lonely Planet Guide! Print a beautiful itinerary with details of all the places to play, stay and eat along with all your reservation details and notes.

(2) Collect your ideas

...then, take pebblar with you on our iOS companion mobile app

With mobile internet access, it's even more powerful. pebblar's integrated map will show you where you are, where your next stop is, and how to get there.

Access the itineraries you've created and trip documents you've uploaded on the pebblar website  even when you're without mobile internet access.

"Throughout my day, I am constantly fantasizing about travel in my head. Whether for an upcoming or far-future trip, I use Pebblar to keep track of the cities I want to visit, sites I want to see, restaurants I want to try; and to plan the possible path between locations. Pebblar is amazing for helping me organize my ideas in easy, virtual form."  - Chloe Skye

"The Google Maps integration is excellent and we can easily print off a whole itinerary before we leave, or use the app when we get there to help us get around and have a smooth journey. I would recommend Pebblar to anyone planning an upcoming trip." - Rufus Holmes

"What I like best about pebblar is how it makes much of the trip planning easier with a very functional interface. Pebblar also allows me to save trip documents, like e-tickets."  - Victor Marcos

pebblar is your simple itinerary maker

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